What to take with you
Shoes and clothes for morning run and morning exercises
Morning exercises will take place in the fresh air at a glade by the river.
Shoes and clothes for tango seminars
Take a spare pair of shoes to change for seminars.
Shoes and clothes for seminars based on dance and movement techniques
Shoes should not be heeled and should not have a hard, rough sole. Pick up something soft, socks are a possible option.
Shoes and clothes for milongas
The milongas will be held indoors, in the same building where we will live and eat. The room is spacious, with many windows. It shouldn't be hot. Although, depending on how we are going to dance ;)
Warm clothes
Despite the fact that it is summer, the weather can be changeable. Evenings by the river are cool.
Centre is located near the river, there is a beach.
For the shower and for the beach.
We will need mats for morning exercises, general gathering of participants and for some activities. A certain number of mats will be organised, but if possible, bring a mat or yoga mat, or just a blanket. Something you can sit on or lie on the floor on.
Cup, thermo mug, water bottle (optional)
Not necessary, but if you are accustomed to drinking water during physical activity, it will be convenient for you to have your own water bottle.
There will be water and paper cups for everyone.
Notebook, pen, electronic note-taking devices (optional)
If you are used to taking notes during or after class, you know what you need for this)
Electrical appliance (optional)
Iron, hair dryer, kettle pot - if you need them.
Electrofumigator against mosquitoes (one per house).
It is desirable to have a tee for sockets, so that everyone has enough space to charge mobile devices.
Guitar, harmonica, percussion (optional)
They might be quite useful ;) Especially if you'd like to play and sing along at the bonfire.
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